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The proceeds will help put new family farms in business.

PeachFest is a non-profit festival dedicated to charity. The festival will support the growth of family farms and producers in Georgia and beyond. By inviting leading industry players, sponsors, regional and national media and local gastronomes, we will empower the liaison between local influencers, property owners, employees, residents, students and visitors. We expect to sparkle collaborative projects that can benefit our youth with a safer, more delicious food system.

The proceeds will benefit Piggy Bank, a Missouri farm-in-the-making that will help launch new family farms by providing heritage breed piglets and access to business plans. Additionally, Piggy Bank will offer a safety net to farmers in the wake of a disaster and provide piglets to culinary schools for education purposes. 

By offering farmers access to a powerful database of business plans and network of farmers without restrictions, Piggy Bank promotes a movement of Open Access Agriculture (OAA). The goal is simple: to create a foundation that will ensure family farmers have resources to run successful businesses which will clear a path for new farmers to raise safe and honest food for generations of children and cooks to come.

Launched in 2015, Piggy Bank is creating a farming sanctuary for heritage breed pigs, many of which are endangered.  Piggy Bank will provide genetics and access to shared business plans for raising heritage pigs to emerging family farms. Piggy Bank aims to change the future of food by creating a community in which small farmers can learn about safer, more responsible practices and share genetics, livestock, and the very information needed to thrive as small businesses. Piggy Bank is building a model of socially responsible agricultural transparency. For more information or to donate, visit or follow @PiggyBankOrg on Twitter.