The proceeds will help create new family farms.

Funds are used for programming at Piggy Bank including the feeding, raising, gifting of heritage breed piglets - similar to a live-genetic kickstarter for family farmers. Piggy Bank is also a safety net for those in the wake of a disaster (flood, fire and disease). Piggy Bank grants farmers in any part of the world access to a powerful database of business plans and inspires farmers to join a movement of Open Access Agriculture (OAA). The goal is simple: to create a foundation that will ensure family farmers have resources to run successful businesses and clear a path for new farmers to start growing safe and honest food for generations of children and cooks to come.

PeachFest attendees love living life, drinking large formats and eating amazing food - but not just any food. They desire experiences and food from family farms, such as heirloom vegetables or heritage breed pigs that forage for most of their meals on open pastures or woodlots. Piggy Bank focuses on helping ensure heritage breed pigs - many which are quite rare - are available and on the menu in restaurants and small family farms have access to chefs and consumers who appreciate their dedication, purpose and passion.

We are facing a silver tsunami in many businesses, including farmers.

With so many farmers in their 60s, who is going to help support sustainable farm to table efforts? Who will take their place? Scarcity is imminent. Piggy Bank not only focuses on genetics for heritage breed pigs, but helps to establish new farmers by establishing a farm business plan database. Helping them access best practices and scale quickly to provide healthier, tastier heritage breed pork to consumers. For Piggy Bank and @GrowAFarmer, it's not about just giving a 'fish' but teaching to 'fish' that matters. Together we are planting seeds to make sure we have farmers for the next generation.

For more information or to donate, visit or follow @PiggyBankOrg on Twitter.