PeachFest Spotlight: King of Pops

We are thrilled to have so many great organizations involved in PeachFest, including Atlanta legends King of Pops. Though they're taking over the Southeast, they always have lots of love for the Peach state. 

Neil Ringer in boomerang form.

Neil Ringer in boomerang form.

We spoke with Neil Ringer, who's helping to whip up some special Peach Pops for PeachFest, about King of Pops and their commitment to buying local products. 

1. King of Pops has a huge commitment to buying local produce for Pops. Why is that important to the company?

Buying local and high quality products has always been essential to making great pops. It isn't always easy and was one of the main reasons we started King of Crops, but local produce continually makes great pops.

2. Your purpose is to create unexpected moments of happiness (UMoHs) within the community. Got anything special planned for PeachFest? 

They wouldn't be unexpected if we told you! Also, we hire and train our staff to always be thinking about the best way to create UMoHs and they usually happen in the moment.

3. What is your favorite Pop and why?

During August my favorite pop is Cucumber Lime. All the cucumbers come from our farm and it's just a simple mix of Cucumber Juice, Agave Nectar, Lime Juice and a little salt. It's simple and super refreshing.